For lawyers

A lead constitutes a potential client reaching out to you for your services through the LegaBreeze platform. This could include chat, voice or video.

The type of legal service determines the cost of each lead.

100% secure for both clients and lawyers. 

Yes, you can upload your files securely through the LegaBreeze chat function. They will be safely stored and can be found within your dashboard.

  1. Go to my account (from your profile dropdown menu)
  2. Click edit my account
  3. Select the notification preferences you wish to receive via email, SMS, or both.

We adhere to the same ethics of attorney-client privilege and assume all reviews are made in good faith. If you, however, believe this is not the case, please contact us.

You’ll receive leads during the hours you set your status as available. This can be updated anytime. If your availability status is set to online you will be accepting leads. You are required to pay for any leads you receive while you have an online status. 

To pause leads, head to your main account page and locate the toggle on the top right-hand side. When the toggle os off, you will not be accepting leads.

Visit your main account page and toggle your availability button to my status is online at the top right-hand side of your desktop, laptop or mobile device. Once your status is set to online, new leads may contact you again.  

To update your payment method:

  1. Go to your profile dropdown menu
  2. Click my subscription
  3. Enter your payment information to the secure payment form on our website

We do not store your payment data on our site. We only save an abbreviated version for your references, such as ‘VISA********1234.’ and LegalBreeze uses a token system to process your card. Your billing information will only ever be stored in your Stripe or Paypal account.

You can cancel your account at any time in your subscription settings. For more information, feel free to contact us.

When searching for a lawyer on LegalBreeze, users can search for a specific legal service and filter lawyer matches by:

  • Service Category
  • Hourly Rates
  • Star Ratings
  • Distance
  • Zip Code
  • Keywords

The more detailed information you provide on your profile, the better chance leads will contact you. 

Edit your profile:

  1. Go to your profile dropdown menu
  2. Select my profile
  3. Edit or update your profile, areas of law & practice, hourly rate and more

Contact us for more information.

For clients

To search for a lawyer on LegaBreeze, visit our directory

No, LegaBreeze does not charge consumers for searching or utilizing the ez-estimate feature. Clients only pay for services provided by the lawyer.

Using the ez-estimate tool, you’ll be able to find the average estimated range of costs for legal service projects in a particular area and the U.S. The payment process is transparent, so you’re getting to speak with lawyers in real-time at industry-standard prices.

With the help of the ez-estimate feature, you’ll be able to view the average cost of legal service pricing

The ez-estimate shows you how much a lawyer typically charges for a specific service in your area. It’s always up to date with the latest legal fee and pricing information.

While users can search for a lawyer without being signed up or logged in, you will need to create a free account to communicate with a lawyer. Once you create your free account you can communicate with lawyers by chat, video, or text. Searches can be filtered as little or as much as you like with search refines such as:

  • Keywords
  • Max Hourly Rate
  • Star Ratings
  • Distance
  • Zip Code
  • Legal field

Once you’ve chosen your lawyer, you’ll be able to begin working with them immediately using our chat function.

As soon as you click on a lawyer’s profile, you’ll see a chat bubble. Click on the chat bubble and start a conversation – it’s incredibly easy! Note that users must have an account to chat with a lawyer.

Yes! Within your account settings, you can select to be notified via email or SMS when a lawyer responds to your message or appointment requests.

Drag and drop the documents from your computer to the chat bubble with the lawyer. You can also click the ‘attach file’ button and select the file you wish to transfer to the lawyer. If you’re not comfortable sending documents online, you can always meet with your lawyer face-to-face.

Yes, LegaBreeze’s site is 100% secure. It’s completely safe to send, download, and upload files through our innovative application.

To request an appointment with a lawyer:

  1. Go to a lawyer’s profile page
  2. Click request an appointment
  3. Enter your preferred date and time

To request an appointment with a lawyer you’re currently working with:

  1. Go to your dashboard and view your message history with the lawyer
  2. On the top of the chat, click request an appointment
  3. Enter your preferred date and time

All of your invoices, both paid and unpaid, are stored on your dashboard. Once your lawyer sends you an invoice for their services, in order to make a payment:

  1. Click the pay now button
  2. Enter your payment information

LegalBreeze does not save your payment information. Each time you submit a payment to a lawyer,  you must input your credit card information. We only save an abbreviated version for future references, such as ‘VISA********1234.’ 

100% secure for both clients and lawyers.

Ratings and reviews give the LegalBreeze community a transparent, unbiased look at lawyers. You can submit a review with comments and a star rating to help other LegalBreeze users make informed decisions on the best lawyer for their needs.

For all inquiries, please contact our customer care team here

If your lawyer doesn’t call you back within a few days, start your search again and contact a different lawyer. This can sometimes happen, as a lawyer is not obliged to take your case. If you believe your message was not delivered, you can always send a message to our support team for further help.

If you’re communicating through the LegaBreeze chat function, your lawyer will provide you with the appropriate contact information. There is also an appointment feature that can be used from within the app too. After you’ve made contact with your lawyer, you’ll always be able to use the LegaBreeze chat function for any follow up needed. If additional communication is required, your lawyer will provide you with further information.

No, your information is safe and secure with us. We value honesty and trust from our users, so we would never compromise any information from either the client or the lawyer.

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